Habtamu Mekonnen Taddesse

Postdoctoral Fellow
Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, 4 Bancroft Avenue, Room 410, Toronto, ON, M5S 1C1


Areas of Interest

  • Origin of states in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa
  • The Later Prehistoric and Early historic periods in Ethiopia
  • Ancient ceramics analysis
  • Study of ancient trade routes and exchange systems
  • Settlement pattern and social complexity research

Fields of Study

  • Ethiopia and Horn of Africa


Joint NMC and IIE-SRF Postdoctoral fellow Habtamu Taddesse joined NMC in October 2021. Habtamu worked with multiple organizations from government to academia and heritage management. He has been working as archaeology researcher in the Horn of Africa and Ethiopia since 2008, primarily responsible for the monitoring of large-scale archaeological excavations and surveys representing the Regional State of Tigray, Ethiopia. He also taught several archaeological and heritage management-related courses at Aksum University (Tigray, northern Ethiopia) since 2010. His Ph.D. dissertation research involved the study of ceramics excavated from the archaeological site of Ona Adi, Tigray, currently under investigation by the Eastern Tigray Archaeological Project (ETAP). He employed ceramic analysis as a major methodological approach. His main goals were to: establish the first regional ceramic typology for the Aksumite period in Eastern Tigray; investigate the Pre-Aksumite to Aksumite transition in the region and examine the role of Ona Adi in regional trade/exchange relationships. At NMC, he will teach The History and Archaeology of the Horn of Africa and South Arabia.

This joint NMC and IIE-SRF funded project focuses on the investigation of the Later Prehistoric and Early Historic periods in Ethiopia and the Horn (1st millennium BC) with special emphasis on the Pre-Aksumite to Aksumite Transition (PA-A Transition) periods in Ethiopia (ca. 400 BC – 1st century AD).


PhD, Simon Fraser University (2019)