Faculty Committees 2023-2024

  • Abdel-Khalig Ali (Committee Chair/Associate Chair, Undergraduate)
  • Adam Ali
  • Katja Goebs
  • Laura Hare
  • Sarianna Metso
  • Victor Ostapchuk (Fall 2023)
  • Azita Hojatollah Taleghani
  • Sara Verskin

The work of this committee is focused on the undergraduate curriculum. Led by the Associate Chair, Undergraduate (Professor Abdel-Khalig Ali), the UAC considers and implements changes to policies that affect undergraduate students in NMC, including changes to our undergraduate programs (Specialist, Major and Minor requirements). The Committee reviews new course proposals and changes to existing courses, considering not only content but also course levels and objectives, skill development, assessment methods, and delivery. One of the broader mandates of the UAC is to ensure continuity in our undergraduate curriculum.

  • Tirzah Meacham (Committee Chair)
  • Haytham Bahoora (upon return)
  • Gözde Mercan
  • Nada Moumtaz
  • Mary-Ann Pouls Wegner
  • Enrico G. Raffaelli
  • Clemens Reichel (Fall 2023)
  • Walid A. Saleh (Fall 2023)
  • Jeremy Schipper
  • Adrien Zakar

The work of the committee in 2023-24 will focus on developing initiatives and approaches to increase student engagement in NMC's programs and courses. Improving the presentation of the Department on the NMC website and other communication networks is one important issue that the SEC will address. This process involves thinking about ways to make NMC a more welcoming environment for students, including those whose heritage links them to places across the geographical spectrum of the Middle East and North Africa. Nurturing the sense of community in NMC also involves actively supporting social networks connecting students, faculty, and academic and cultural associations.

Another major aspect of the committee's work is the formalization and effective communication of the many opportunities for Experiential Learning that we offer students. The committee will highlight some of the initiatives already underway in NMC and help to develop supports for instructors who want to develop new hands-on learning projects for students (in conjunction with the Experiential Learning division in FAS).

  • Jeannie Miller (Committee Chair/Associate Chair, Graduate)
  • Miguel Ángel Andrés-Toledo
  • Harry Fox
  • Amir Harrak
  • Robert Holmstedt
  • Milena Methodieva
  • Oren Siegel
  • Maria Subtelny
  • Mohamad Tavakoli-Targhi

The Associate Chair, Graduate (Professor Jeannie Miller) leads the Graduate Affairs Committee, which considers a broad range of issues related to NMC's graduate programs. The GAC plays a central role in the admissions process for MA and PhD students, helping to shape our graduate student community and our departmental research profile. In addition, the committee reviews and ranks applications for graduate awards such as the SSHRC and OGS. The work of the GAC extends also to the allocation of internal funding for our graduate students to support their research and encourage timely completion of degree requirements.

Other responsibilities of the GAC include the review of policies governing our graduate students and faculty, consideration of programs, requirements, and curriculum, and the development and implementation of any required changes. The GAC also serves as the Department’s Academic Appeals Committee (GDAAC).

  • Heather Baker (Committee Chair)
  • Ruba Kana’an
  • Arafat Razzaque
  • Lynn Welton

GPDC aims to offer our graduate students support in pursuing careers after completion of their graduate programs.

In 2023-24, GPDC members will deliver targeted proseminars dealing with specific components of the academic job search and provide a forum for developing effective CVs, teaching and research statements, job talks, and interview skills.  Committee members and will provide feedback to participants on these materials and experiences, and will collaborate on the evaluation of the effectiveness of these initiatives and the development of future programs to support professional development of NMC graduate students.

  • Paul-Alain Beaulieu (Chair)
  • Miguel Ángel Andrés-Toledo
  • Robert Holmstedt
  • Sarianna Metso
  • Walid Saleh
  • Maria Subtelny

Oversees the process of academic promotions for NMC faculty.

* Graduate students who want to appeal an academic decision, please reference the School of Graduate Studies website for GDAAC procedures.