NMC Undergraduate Students' Union (NMCSU)

The Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations Students’ Union is one of many course unions under the umbrella of the Arts & Science Students' Union, representing students studying in every department of the Faculty of Arts & Science at the University of Toronto. Our mandate is to serve as a liaison between students and the NMC department and to augment student life with fun, educational events.

In any given month we will host a social, academic seminar, general meeting, or movie night, all of which are listed on our website and Facebook page. We also work on your behalf if you have an issue with the department. Our chief goal is to help NMC students become engaged with their subject of study and feel that they are part of a larger community of students with similar interest.

We also try to bring together faculty and students studying the many diverse disciplines in the department, including religion, languages, history, and culture. We are always looking for new ideas and people that want to get involved.

Thank you,
The NMCSU Executive Team

NMCSU Executive Team 2023 - 2024

President: Syeda Sukena Zehra
Vice President: Priya D'Souza
Treasurer: Asena Firouzi
Secretary: Keara Reilly
Events Manager: Aly El Hemasy

NMCSU Activities

As a group of undergraduate students who are dedicated to the goals of meeting students’ needs and representing students’ needs, NMCSU is preparing to offer several academic and social services for its members. Our primary mode of communication is through our Facebook page. Is there an event that you want to see happen in the department this year? Is there a particular speaker or movie you want to see, or a topic you want to know more about? Send us an email.

NMCSU Documents

PDF iconConstitution of the NMC Students' Union (PDF)


E-mail: nmcsu1@gmail.com
NMCSU website

Mailing Address:
Dept. of Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Attn: NMC Undergraduate Students’ Union
Room 207 – 4 Bancroft Avenue
Toronto, ON M5S 1C1