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Welcome, alumni and friends of the Department of Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations. You’re part of a vibrant U of T Arts & Science community and are a great source of inspiration, advice and support for our students and faculty.

There are lots of ways to stay connected and get involved, from attending alumni events and reunions to mentoring students to helping fund important Department of Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations initiatives.

We appreciate and value your support and continued involvement.


Recent alumni of NMC’s PhD program are welcome to make use of the resources offered by the Graduate Professional Development Committee and to attend our events where relevant. These offerings include:

  • Materials that accompany our Seminars (mainly copies of the slides, sometimes additional resources)
  • Seminars: “Career Paths” (February 15, 2024), covering non-academic careers, and “The Candidacy Years” (March 21, 2024), for those applying for academic jobs. There will also be a Jobs Event in May 2024 (date TBD)
  • Review of application materials: Committee members are willing to review academic job application materials for recent PhD alumni. If you would like to take up this offer, please provide as much prior notice as you can (at least two weeks), and provide details of the nature and scope of your materials (e.g., “cover letter – 2 pages; cv – 8 pages,” etc.) so that committee members can plan accordingly.
  • Mock job talks: The Committee members may also be able to organize a mock job talk for any alumnus/alumna with a job talk invitation in hand. If you would like to arrange this, please contact Professor Baker ( at the earliest opportunity.

How to access our resources:
The materials are shared on Quercus – recent alumni who wish to have access to the course on Quercus should send a request, including their old UTorID and UofT email address, to Victoria Sheen (



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Our alumni are a great source of inspiration and advice for our students.

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The Department of Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations is U of T’s home for the interdisciplinary study of the regions’ civilizations and cultures, including their languages, literatures, archaeology, history, art, architecture, as well as the study of Islam. Internationally acclaimed faculty lead students through an exploration of the development of complex societies that have transformed human history.

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