Machine Translation and Automated Analysis of Cuneiform Languages (MTAAC) Project (2017-2019)

Picture of four sides of a clay tablet inscribed in cuneiform

Following a successful application to Round 4 of the international Trans-Atlantic Platform Digging Into Data Challenge, a SSHRC-funded team of Assyriologists led by Heather D. Baker from the University of Toronto’s Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations collaborated with partners from the University of Frankfurt and the University of California, Los Angeles to develop new tools for the automated translation and analysis of cuneiform texts. Émilie Pagé–Perron, PhD candidate at NMC and a co-PI of the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI), coordinated the research group’s efforts. The project was one of 14 chosen to address big data questions in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The international team was led by: Heather D. Baker (PI), University of Toronto, Christian Chiarcos (Co-PI), University of Frankfurt, Robert K. Englund (Co-PI), University of California, Los Angeles, and Émilie Pagé–Perron (Coordinator), University of Toronto.

MTAAC Project website