PhD Degrees Conferred

This is a list of individuals who have completed doctoral degrees in our department. Our graduates have gone on to flourishing careers in academia, public service, industry and many other fields.

Microfiche copies of past dissertations are available from the National Library of Canada (390 Wellington St., Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0N4).

Most dissertations completed within the past five years are also available through the University of Toronto Digital Library Repository.

Last Updated: November 2023

Student Name Dissertation Title Convocation Supervisor
Golnaz Hossein Mardi Pottery Production at Seh Gabi in Central Zagros of Iran during the Dalma and Seh Gabi Periods (Middle Chalcolithic Period) 2023 Clemens Reichel
Ted Good Zoroastrian Philosophy in the Islamic World 2023 Enrico Raffaelli, Miguel Ángel Andrés-Toledo
Lahouari Ramzi Taleb Amīr ʿAbd al-Qādir al-Jazāʾirī (d. 1883): Mystical Hermeneutics, Theology and Metaphysics in His Kitāb al-Mawāqif (“The Book of Mystical Halts”) 2023 Walid Saleh
Kambale Nziwa Tracking the Continuity of the Leviticus Laws of the Impurity of Genital Fluids in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Rabbinic Literature 2023 Tirzah Meacham, Sarianna Metso
Shuaib Ally Anxieties Over the Loss of the Classics: Tracing Islamic Intellectual History through the Manuscripts of ʿAbd al-Qāhir al-Jurjānī’s Dalāʾil and Asrār 2021 Walid Saleh
Parisa Zahiremami Cosmopolitanism, Poetry, and Kingship: The Ideal Ruler in Sanāʾī’s (d. 1131 or 1135 CE) Poetry 2021 Shafique Virani
Erin Ingram O My Heart: The Role of Heart Scarabs in Ancient Egyptian Mortuary Practices 2021 Mary-Ann Pouls Wegner
Abolfazl Moshiri The Devil’s Advocates: The Exoneration of Iblīs in Persian Mysticism 2021 Maria Subtelny
Pooriya Alimoradi The Zand-i Vahman Yasht: A Zoroastrian Apocalypse in New Persian 2021 Enrico Raffaelli
Demetrios Alibertis The Social and Cultural Framework of the Syriac Exegete’s World: The Dependence of Syriac Christian Commentators on Rabbinic Traditions 2021 Amir Harrak
Nima Jamali A Study of the Interactions among Zoroastrian, Jewish and Roman Legal Systems during the 7th and 8th Centuries CE Based on a Critical Edition of Īšō‛-boḵt’s Corpus Juris with Commentary and an English Translation 2021 Tirzah Meacham, Amir Harrak
Isaac Friesen Casual Crossings: The Muslim Attendance of Coptic Spaces in Provincial Egypt 2021 Amira Mittermaier, James Reilly
James Tucker From Ink Traces to Ideology: Material, Text, and Composition of Qumran Community Rule Manuscripts 2021 Harry Fox
Robert Martin Reconstructing Maritime Networks in the Bronze and Iron Age Eastern Mediterranean: A Diachronic Analysis of Canaanite and Phoenician Maritime Transport Containers 2020 Timothy Harrison
Usman Hamid Tracing the Footsteps of the Prophet across the Indian Ocean: The Materiality of Prophetic Piety in Mughal India 2020 Maria Subtelny
Aleksandra Ksiezak Tell el-Yahudiyeh Ware at Tell el-Maskhuta – Evolution, Character, and Function During the Middle Bronze/Second Intermediate Period 2020 Mary-Ann Pouls Wegner
Tracy L. Spurrier Navigating Sennacherib’s Égalzagdinutukua: An Architectural Spatial Analysis Study Analyzing Movement, Access, and Art in the Southwest Palace at Nineveh 2020 Clemens Reichel
Julie Frances Lowe Legal Conceptions of Sexual Violation in Late Islamic Law and Modern Jordan 2020 Mohammad Fadel, Nada Moumtaz
Lale Javanshir  History and Literature Interwoven Yet Distinct: The Pasaname, a Seventeenth-Century Ottoman Turkish Mes̠nevi on Conflicts in Rumelia and the Northern Black Sea Region  2020 Victor Ostapchuk 
Mateen Rokhsefat Modern Islamic Messianism: Eschatology to Teleology  2020 Mohamad Tavakoli-Targhi 
Daniel Sarlo  Heliolatry in the Hebrew Bible: An Investigation into Yahweh's Original Nature  2020 Robert Holmstedt 
Shuntu Kuang For King and What Country?: Chinggisid-Timurid Conceptions of Rulership and Political Community in Relation to Territory, 1370-1530 2020 Maria Subtelny
Netanel Haim Silverman Rereading Identity Cards: The Early Anticolonial Poetics of Mahmoud Darwish and their Hebrew Afterlives 2019 Harry Fox, Jeannie Miller
Jacques Boulet A Linguistic Reappraisal of the Biblical Hebrew Accusative 2019 Robert Holmstedt
Meredith Brand The Socio-economic Organization of Votive Pottery Production at Abydos, Egypt in the New Kingdom: A Metric Analysis Study 2019 M.A. Pouls Wegner
Silvia Zago Conceptualizing Life after Death. The Evolution of the Concept of Duat and Related Notions in Egyptian Funerary Literature 2019 Katja Goebs
Ahmedkhaled Abujayyab Nomads in Late Chalcolithic Northern Mesopotamia:
Mobility and Social Change in the 5th and 4th Millennia BC
2019 C. Reichel
Amber Hutchinson Provincial Cults during the Eighteenth Dynasty:
A Dialectical Relationship between Royal Patronage and
Non-Royal Votive Activity in Ancient Egypt
2019 M.A. Pouls Wegner
Steve Edwards Ebla’s Hegemony and Its Impact on the Archaeology of the Amuq Plain in the Third Millennium BCE 2019 T. Harrison
Laura Hare Gendered Speech: A Sociolinguistic Study of Conversations between Men and Women in Biblical Narrative 2018 R. Holmstedt
Rawḍ al-Jinān wa-Rawḥ al-Janān fī Tafsīr al-Qurʾān of Abū al-Futūḥ Rāzī (d. in or after 552/1157)
2018 W. Saleh
Halil Simsek The Missing Link in the History of Quranic Commentary:
The Ottoman Period and the Quranic Commentary of Ebussuud/Abū Su‘ūd al-‘Imādī (d. 1574 CE) Irshād al-‘aql al-salīm ilā mazāyā al-Kitāb al-Karīm
2018 W. Saleh
Janet James Embodied Persons in the North Abydos Votive Zone during the Third Intermediate Period - Late Period (1069- 332BCE): Constructing Social Identities with Osteology and Mortuary Behaviour 2018 M.A. Pouls Wegner
Adam Ali The Mamluk Army: The Decline Paradigm In Question 2017 L. Northrup
Radovan Kabatiar Life on the Periphery, Life at the Crossroads: A Zooarchaeological Perspective on Late Bronze and Early Iron Age Animal Utilization at Kinet Hoyuk (Turkey) 2017 T. Harrison
Noha Abou-Khatwa Calligraphers, Illuminators, and Patrons: Mamluk Qur'an Manuscripts from 1341-1412AD in light of the collection of the National Library of Egypt 2017 K. Ruehrdanz
Sajjad Nejatie The Pearl of Pearls: The Abdali-Durrani Confederacy and Its Transformation under Ahmad Shah, Durr-i Durran 2017 M. Subtelny
Sait Ocakli The Relations of the Crimean Khanate with the Ukranian Cossacks, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Muscovy during the Reign of Khan Islam Giray III (1644-1654) 2017 V. Ostapchuk
Sarah Schellinger An Analysis of the Architectural, Religious, and Political Significance of the Napatan and Meroitic Palaces 2017 K. Grzymski
Jonathan Vroom Law, Authority, and Interpretation in the Ancient World: The Origin of Legal Obligation in Second Temple Judaism 2017 S. Metso
Odette Boivin The First Dynasty of the Sealand in History and Tradition 2016 P.A. Beaulieu
Oscar Jarzmik ‘Adjusting to Powerlessness’ in Occupied Jerusalem: Theodore “Teddy” Kollek, the Palestinians, and the Organizing Principles of Israeli Municipal Policy, 1967-1987
2016 J. Reilly
Noa Shaindlinger Remembering Past(s), Imagining Futures: The Politics of
Hope in Palestine
2016 J. Hanssen
Douglas Petrovich Building XVI at Tell Tayinat: The Religious
Dimensions and Significance of a
Tripartite Temple at Neo-Assyrian Kunulua
2016 T. Harrison
Khalid Dinno The Syrian Orthodox Christians in the Late Ottoman and Post-Ottoman Periods: Crisis and Revival 2015 A. Harrak
Andrew Jones Word Order and Information Structure in Finite Verb Clauses in Hellenistic Period Hebrew 2015 R. Holmstedt
Mustafa Banister The Abbasid Caliphate of Cairo (659-923/1261-1517): History and Tradition in the Mamluk Court 2015 L. Northrup
Hicham Safieddine Economic Sovereignty and the Fetters of Finance: The Making of Lebanon's Central Bank 2015 J. Hanssen
John Screnock Translators as Scribes - A Comparison of Scribal Practice and Translation Practice: Exodus 1-14 in the Hebrew Manuscript Tradition and the Old Greek 2015 S. Metso
Hamid Rezaei Yazdi Debating Iranians: The Discursive Practice of Munāzirah and the Making of Modern Iran 2015 M. Tavakoli-Targhi
Arshavez Mozafari An Intellectual History of Early Pahlavî Demonology, 1921-41/1299-1320 sh 2015 M. Tavakoli-Targhi
Golbarg Rekabtalaei Cinematic Modernity: Cosmopolitan Imaginaries in Twentieth Century Iran 2015 M. Tavakoli-Targhi
Emmanuel Joseph Mar-Emmanuel The Book of Resh Melle by Yohannan Bar Penkaye: An Introduction to the Text and Study of its Literary Genres 2015 A. Harrak
Krzysztof Baranowski The Verb in the Amarna Letters from Canaan 2014 P-A. Beaulieu
Nermeen Mouftah Building Life: Faith, Literacy Development, and Muslim Citizenship in Revolutionary Egypt 2014 A. Mittermaier
Yona Katz From Crying Comes Light: The Impact of Post-Traumatic Stress on the Poetry of Amir Gilboa 2014 H. Fox
Nasrin Askari The Ardashir Cycle in the Shahnama: A Study of Firdausi's Oeuvre as a Mirror for Princes 2013 M. Subtelny
Brian Janeway Cultural Transition in the Northern Levant during the Early Iron Age as Reflected in the Aegean Ware at Tell Tayinat 2013 T. Harrison
Chad Stauber Prophetic Scribalism: A Semantic, Textual and Hypertextual Study of the Serek Texts 2013 S. Metso
Antoine Hirsch Ancient Egyptian Cubits: Origin and Evolution 2013 R. Leprohon
Joo-Yup Lee The Formation of the Qazaqs and the Socio-Political Phenomenon of Qazaqlïq 2013 V. Ostapchuk
Omid Siyyid-Ali Ghaemmaghami Seeing the Proof: The Question of Contacting the Hidden Imam in Early Twelver Shīʿī Islam 2013 B.T. Lawson
Amar Baadj The Struggle for North Africa between Almohads, Ayyubids, and Banū Ghāniya (Late Twelfth to Early Thirteenth Centuries A.D.) 2013 L. Northrup
Ida Meftahi Body National in Motion: The Biopolitics of Dance in Twentieth-Century Iran 2013 M. Tavakoli-Targhi
Shabir Ally The Culmination of Tradition-based Tafsīr: The Qurʼān Exegesis al-Durr al-manthūr of al-Suyūṭī (d. 911/1505) 2012 W. Saleh
Birol Gundogdu Ottoman Constructions of the Morea Rebellion in the 1770s: A Comprehensive Study of Ottoman Attitudes to the Greek Uprising 2012 V. Aksan
Shawn Flynn When on High Yahweh Reigned: Translating Yahweh's Kingship in Ancient Israel 2012 J.G. Taylor
Anne Marie Clement Fallāhīn on Trial in Colonial Egypt: Apprehending the Peasantry through Orality, Writing, and Performance (1884-1914) 2012 J. Reilly & A. Hassanpour
Christina Geisen The Ramesseum Dramatic Papyrus: A New Edition, Translation, and Interpretation 2012 R. Leprohon
Murat Yasar The North Caucasus in the Second Half of the Sixteenth Century: Imperial Entanglements and Shifting Loyalties 2011 V. Ostapchuk
Maryam Moazzen Islamic Higher Learning in Early Modern Iran: Educational Institutions in Safavid 2011 M. Subtelny
Mina Yasdani Religious Contentions in Modern Iran, 1881-1941 2011 M. Tavakoli-Targhi
Laura Wiseman Lamentations of a Lovelorn Soul: Self-portraits in the Poetry of Dahlia Ravikovitch 2010 H. Fox
Sargon George Donabed Iraq and the Assyrian Unimagining: Illuminating Scaled Suffering and a Hierarchy of Genocide from Simele to Anfal 2010 A. Harrak
Lynn Welton The Use of Strontium and Oxygen Isotope Analysis to Identify Immigrants to Early Bronze Age İkiztepe, Turkey 2010 T. Harrison
Catherine Duff Ceramic Continuity and Change at Shechem (Tell Balatâh): Assessing the Impact of Egyptian Imperialism in the Central Hill Country 2010 T. Harrison
Amy Elizabeth Barron Late Assyrian Arms and Armour: Art versus Artifact 2010 T. Harrison
Nevin Reda El-Tahry Textual Integrity and Coherence in the Qur'an: Repetition and Narrative Structure in Surat al-Baqara 2010 B.T. Lawson
Donna Lee Petter The Book of Ezekiel: Patterned after a Mesopotamian City Lament? 2009 J.G. Taylor
Kent Varree Bramlett Eastern Front: The Transjordanian Highlands in Late Bronze Age Hegemonic Contest 2009 T. Harrison
Adina Sima Leah Levin Hosea and North Israelite Traditions: The Distinctive Use of Myth and Language in the Book of Hosea 2009 J.B. Peckham
Mohammed Rustom Qur'anic Exegesis in Later Islamic Philosophy: Mulla Sadra's Tafsir Surat al-Fatiha 2009 B.T. Lawson
Laliv Clenman "Is She Forbidden or Permitted?" (bSanhedrin 82a): A Longitudinal Study of Intermarriage in Classical Jewish Sources 2009 T. Meacham
Kei Yamamoto Middle Kingdom Pottery Assemblage from North Abydos 2009 M.A. Pouls Wegner
Chad Gilbert Lingwood Jami's Salaman va Absal as an Esoteric Mirror for Princes in Its Aq Qoyunlu Context 2009 M. Subtelny
Albert Dov Friedberg An Evaluation of Maimonides' Enumeration of the 613 Commandments, with Special Emphasis on the Positive Commandments 2008 H. Fox
N. Feryal Tansug Communal Relations in Izmir/Smyrna, 1826-1864: As Seen Through the Prism of Greek-Turkish Relations 2008 V. Aksan
Marica Christine Cassis The Evolution of the Permanent Altar in the Early Christian Church 2007 A. Harrak
Eddie Halabi The Transformation of the Prophet Moses Festival in Jerusalem, 1917-1937: From Local and Islamic to Modern and Nationalist Celebration 2007 J. Reilly
Annlee Elizabeth Dolan Wadi ath-Thamad Site WT-13: A Hermeneutical Approach to Moabite Religion 2007 T. Harrison
Laren Ruel Gaston Kurtz The Function of the Titles of Yahweh in the Book of Jeremiah 2007 E.J. Revell
Steven Blake Shubert Those Who (Still) Live on Earth: A Study of the Ancient Egyptian Appeal to the Living Texts 2007 R. Leprohon
Ghada Jayyusi-Lehn The Life and Career of the Caliph Al-Mu'tasim (218-227AH/833-842 AD): A Problem in Historiography 2007 L. Northrup
Hosn Abboud Mary, Mother of Jesus, and the Qur'anic Text: A Feminist Literary Study 2006 R. Al-Sayyid
Thomas David Petter Diversity and Uniformity on the Frontier: Ethnic Identity in the Central Highlands of Jordan during the IRON I 2005 T. Harrison
Heather Elizabeth Snow The Role of Metals in the Early Bronze Age Economies of North Syria and Anatolia 2005 T. Harrison
Mahdi Tourage Phallocentric Esotericism in Jalal al-Din Rumi's Masnavi-i Ma'navi 2005 M. Subtelny
Thornton Cameron Robert Boyd-Taylor Reading Between the Lines: Towards an Assessment of the Interlinear Paradigm for Septuagint Studies 2005 A. Pietersma
Jannes Smith A Linguistic and Exegetical Commentary on the Hallelouia Psalms of the Septuagint 2005 J.B. Peckham
Caroline Michelle Rocheleau Amun Temples in Nubia. A Comparative Study of New Kingdom, Napatan, and Meroitic Temples 2005 K. Grzymki
Tibor Szalontay The Art of War During the Ottoman-Habsburg Long War (1593-1606) According to Narrative Sources 2005 J.R. Blackburn
Aaron Pace Schade Ancient Northwest Semitic Inscriptions: A Syntactic and Literary Analysis 2005 J.B. Peckham
Stephen Denis Batiuk Migration Theory and the Distribution of the Early Transcaucasian Culture 2005 T. Harrison
Ryan J.P. Defonzo Iron II Judah: An Intra-Regional Study of Production and Distribution 2005 T. Harrison
Cristian Gheorghe Rata The Verbal System in the Book of Job 2004 J.G. Taylor
Dina Ghaly The Shari al-A zam in Cairo: Its Topography and Architecture in the Mamluk Period 2004 L. Golombek
Karljurgen Gabriel Feuerherm Abum-waqar and His Circle: A Prosopographical Study 2004 R.F.G. Sweet
Jamie Robert Novotny Ehulhul, Egipar, Emelamana, and Sîn's Akitu-House: A Study of Assyrian Building Activities at Harran 2003 R.F.G. Sweet
Justin Clement Jaron Lewis Imagining Holiness: A Source-Critical, Historical and Thematic Study of Collections of Hasidic Tales with Particular Focus on the Works of Israel Berger and Abraham Hayim Simhah Bunem Michelson 2003 H. Fox
Andrew Joseph Lane Al-Zamakhshari (d.538/1144) and Jis Qur'an Commentary al-Kashshaf: A Late Mu'tazilite Scholar at Work 2003 S. Guenther
Debra Carmen Foran The Identification of a Mosaic Workshop in Madaba, Jordan 2003 T. Harrison
Abdulrahman Al-Ayedi The "Ways of Horus" in the Ancient Egyptian Records and Archaeology 2002 R. Leprohon
Jennifer Elisabeth Hellum The Presence of Myth in the Pyramid Texts 2002 R. Leprohon
Diane Kriger A Study of the Construction of the Status of Slavery in Early Jewish Law, Particularly with Respect to the Matrilineal Principle 2001 H. Fox
Hilal Sursal Gulten Akin, a Pioneering Turkish Woman Poet: Her Life, Poetry and Poetics within their Social, Historical and Literary Context 2001 R. Sandler
Cindy Lou Nimchuk Darius I and the Formation of the Achaemenid Empire: Communicating the Creation of an Empire 2001 T.C. Young
Carolyn Diane Routledge Ancient Egyptian Ritual Practice ir-ht and nt-c 2001 R. Leprohon
Dina Eylon The Soul and Afterlife in Jewish Mysticism and Gnosticism 2001 L. Garshowitz
Suzanne Lynn Onstine The Role of the Chantress (SM'YT) in Ancient Egypt 2001 N. Millet
Arley Alaire Loewen The Concept of "Jawanmardi" (Manliness) in Persian Literature and Society 2001 M. Subtelny
Leanne May Mallory Predynastic and First Dynasty Egyptian Basalt Vessels 2001 K. Grzymki & M. Gorton
Andrew McGregor The Stone Monuments and Antiquities of the Jebel Marra Region, Darfur, Sudan c. 1000 - 1750 AD 2000 K. Grzymki
Victoria Iris Rowe The 'New Armenian Woman': Armenian Women's Writing in the Ottoman Empire, 1880-1915 2000 R. Sandler
Hilary Gopnik The Ceramics of Godin II: Ceramic Variability in the Archaeological Record 2000 T.C. Young
Sabrina Roma Rampersad The Origin and Relationships of the Nubian A-Group 1999 K. Grzymki
Diane Victoria Flores The Funerary Sacrifice of Animals during the Predynastic Period 1999 D. Redford
Timothy John Gianotti The Secrets of the Soul, Death and the Afterlife in Al-Ghazali's Ihya' 'Ulum Al-Din 1998 M. Marmura
Nola Jeanette Johnson Paradisiacal Imagery in Early Islamic Art 1998 L. Golombek
Bethany Joelle Walker The Ceramic Correlated of Decline in the Mamluk Sultanate: An Analysis of Late Sgraffito Wares 1998 L. Golombek
Peter James Brand The Monuments of Seti I and Their Historical Significance: Epigraphic, Art Historical and Historical Analysis 1998 D. Redford
Gregory Duncan Mumford International Relations Between Egypt and Syria-Palestine During the Bronze Age, Iron Age and Babylonian Period: A Spatial and Temporal Analysis of the Distribution and Impact of Egyptian(izing) Artifacts and Pottery Within the Sinai and 22 Selected Sites in Syria-Palestine (circa 1150-525 BC) 1998 D. Redford
Elisabeth North Cooper The Middle Bronze Age of the Euphrates Valley, Syria: Chronology, Regional Interaction and Cultural Exchange 1997 T.C. Young
Faysal Mohamad Faysal iban al-Husayn and Britain: The Uneasey Alliance 1996 J. Reilly
Julie Renee Anderson Spacial and Temporal Distribution of Domestic and Civil Architecture in Christian Nubia 1996 K. Grzymki
Paul Heger The Development of the Incense Cult of Israel 1996 H. Fox