Inside the Black Enclosure: A Masterclass for Graduate Students

When and Where

Monday, September 25, 2023 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
History Department Seminar Room,
Sidney Smith Hall


Huda Lutfi, Visual Artist and Cultural Historian Cairo, Egypt


The Islamic Art & Material Culture Collaborative(IAMCC) proudly presents a Masterclass titled 'Inside the Black Enclosure' featuring Huda Lutfi.

In this graduate masterclass, contemporary Egyptian artist Huda Lutfi will share her experiences of creating her recent installation Inside the Black Enclosure for the inaugural Islamic Arts Biennale which was held from January 23–May 23, 2023 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Lutfi will speak about the history of pilgrimage at Mecca, the importance of the kiswa covering of the ka’ba, the craftspeople involved in its making over history, and how it all connects to her recent installation. She will also discuss her artistic practice and career and problematize the notion of an Islamic Arts Biennale as part of her talk, which will also include videos of her work. Spaces are limited and attendance is by registration only. Students must complete the required readings prior to the masterclass. Lunch will be provided.  

Huda Lutfi lives and works in Cairo. She received her PhD in Arab Muslim Cultural History from McGill University in 1983. Huda’s practice has been sensitive to a loud political climate. Moving between metaphorical and literal visualizations, her work has been playful, subversive and at times equally as brutal as the conditions it reacts to. In parallel to her interest in materiality, a continuous meditative undercurrent is inspired by her early personal interest in Sufi practice. These themes of permanence, the use of repetition, and the perpetuated typologies in Lutfi’s works are compelling statements on the indiscernibility and multiplicity of our realities. 

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