Stephen D. Batiuk

Senior Research Associate and Lecturer


Anthropology Building,
Room 132, 19 Ursula Franklin Street, Toronto, ON M5S 2S2
Phone: 416-978-5865


Stephen Batiuk

Fields of Study

  • Ancient Near East
  • Near Eastern Archaeology

Areas of Interest

  • Development of Complex Societies and Urbanization
  • Near Eastern Archaeology: Bronze and Iron Age Periods
  • Ceramic Analysis and Ceramic Petrograph
  • GIS, 3D Modeling and Computer Applications in Archaeology
  • Geomorphology and Landscape Archaeology


Stephen Batiuk is Co-director of the Gadachrili Gora Regional Archaeological Project Expeditions (Republic of Georgia), Director of Excavations for the Tayinat Archaeological Project (Turkey) and co-directed the Excavations at Mezber (Ethiopia). He is also the Project Manager for the Computational Research on the Ancient Near East (CRANE) Project.


  • PhD, University of Toronto