Stanley Klassen

Archaeology Lab Collections Manager/Lab Technician
Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, 4 Bancroft Avenue, Room 418, Toronto, ON, M5S 1C1


Administrative Office


I specialize in the archaeology of the Southern Levant, and my primary research interest involves the study of the Early Bronze ceramic industry in Central Jordan and its impact on socio-political and economic organization. My interest in material culture, ceramics in particular, involves a variety of analytical techniques, primarily petrography. As manager of the Collections in the NMC archaeology lab, I am involved with many of the NMC research projects, past and present, that are represented in the lab: Tell Tayinat, Tall Madaba, the Gezer Gate Project, and Khirbet el-Qom to name a few. As a member of the CRANE project, I manage the computer lab and facilitate the data integration at U of T. I enjoy being part of NMC’s outreach program working with primary and secondary school groups introducing young students to archaeology and the study of ancient societies.  


  • PhD candidate, University of Toronto, Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations 

Fields of Study

  • Near Eastern Archaeology

Areas of Interest

  • Bronze and Iron Age Levant
  • Development of Complex Societies
  • Regional Inter-connections 
  • Ceramic Technology 
  • Material Culture