Arabic Thought against the Authoritarian Age: Towards an Intellectual History of the Present

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

In the wake of the Arab uprisings, the Middle East descended into a frenzy of political turmoil and unprecedented human tragedy which reinforced regrettable stereotypes about the moribund state of Arab intellectual and cultural life. This volume sheds important light on diverse facets of the post-war Arab world and its vibrant intellectual, literary and political history. Cutting-edge research is presented on such wide-ranging topics as poetry, intellectual history, political philosophy, and religious reform and cultural resilience all across the length and breadth of the Arab world, from Morocco to the Gulf States. This is an important statement of new directions in Middle East studies that challenges conventional thinking and has added relevance to the study of global intellectual history more broadly.

Arabic Translation:

al-Fikr al-‘arabiba ‘d al-‘asr al-librali: nahutarikhfikrilil-nahda (Rabat: Dar Mu’minunbila Hudud 2019), by F. ‘Abd al-Muttalib. 


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