Diagnostic Medieval Wares from the 2001/2002 Seasons at Tell ‘Acharneh

Brepols, Turnhout (Belgium)

Summary of the book

This collective work presents the preliminary results of excavations undertaken by the Canadian archaeological mission to Tell ‘Acharneh, Syria in 1998, 1999, and 2002, as well as the results of a study season of excavated materials carried out in the Hama Museum in 2004. Field reports on each annual campaign, prepared by the director of the mission, describe the architectural remains according to their chronological and stratigraphic position at the site. Those reports are completed with specialized studies, written by different experts, of various categories of artifacts recovered over the course of excavations, such as pottery, coins and chipped stone artifacts. The archaeological studies are preceded by articles pertaining to epigraphic sources which make reference to Tunip, a city which is frequently documented in ancient texts and which corresponds most probably to the site of Tell ‘Acharneh. Historical documents of the Middle Ages, during which time Tell ‘Acharneh became designated by the toponym Tal Ibn Macher, are also discussed in this volume.


  • Michel Fortin

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Tell 'Acharneh 1998-2004 Rapports préliminaires sur les campagnes de fouilles et saison d’études. Preliminary Reports on Excavation Campaigns and Study Season. (Subartu XVIII)