Neo-Assyrian Specialists. Crafts, Offices, and Other Professional Designations.

Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project and Finnish Foundation for Assyriological Research, Helsinki

This volume is a companion to The Prosopography of the Neo-Assyrian Empire (PNA), presenting a complete register of all individuals who are identified in the Neo-Assyrian sources by a personal name as well as by some additional designation, whether it be an office or professional title, or a status or ethnic designation. While PNA presents the biographies of individuals in alphabetical order of Assyrian personal names, the present book offers the possibility of accessing this information according to other socially meaningful criteria. It will thus prove an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the composition of Neo-Assyrian society. From the point of view of onomastic studies, the book facilitates the identification of possible “profession names” and other patterns in name-giving within specific sectors of society.
The main part of the volume comprises a register of individuals listed according to office or profession, followed by a register of those bearing a gentilic or some other explicit designation of their place of origin. This main part is supplemented by a range of secondary indices which permit the reader to locate, for example, employees of specific individuals or institutions, or specialists mentioned in a particular text. The aim is to provide a comprehensive handbook for the study of Neo-Assyrian personnel.

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Vol. 4/I