Structural priming and the phrasal/clausal distinction: The case of CQs.

ISCA and the University of Athens

This paper investigates whether structural priming is sensitive to the phrasal vs. clausal nature of the constructions it tests. To that end, we examine NPs that receive a question-like interpretation when embedded under certain predicates. These NPs are known as "concealed question (CQ) NPs". We first report the results of a pilot study that establishes co-occurrence patterns of the target embedding predicates. We then present two structural priming studies which test CQ NPs with "overt embedded questions": "embedded wh-questions" and "embedded declaratives". Both written sentence completion tasks demonstrate structural priming, which turns out to be sensitive to the phrase-clause distinction.



  • A. Botinis

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Proceedings of the 4th ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on Experimental Linguistics