Auditing Undergraduate Courses

The Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations allows students to audit courses under certain conditions:

  • Auditors must have the permission of the instructor.
  • The classroom size must be able to accommodate auditing students.
  • No more than two NMC/NML courses may be audited during the same academic term.

Students registered in the University of Toronto, senior citizens (60 years old as of January 1 of the current year), alumni of the University, and employees of the University of Toronto will not be charged an audit fee. All other auditors will be charged 40% of the tuition fee per course. The auditing fee is for auditing only. Non-registered students who wish to use other University services (for example, the University of Toronto Library) may have access to them on terms normally available to members of the community at large. Auditing fees must be paid by October 1, February 1, and July 1 for the first, second, and summer session respectively. Auditing fees will not be refunded.

Auditors are not evaluated, do not submit assignments, and do not write tests and examinations. The Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations does not issue a Certificate of Attendance or keep a record of attendance.

In all cases, students registered in the University of Toronto will have priority for auditing NMC/NML courses over students who are not registered in the University.

An auditor will not receive evaluations of participation, and will not submit or receive feedback on coursework, assignments, or examinations and tests, except by special and explicit permission of the course instructor and the relevant Associate Chair (Graduate or Undergraduate).

Related University of Toronto Policies:

The University's Code of Student Conduct will apply to auditors. This code can be reviewed at Code of Student Conduct.
To review the University of Toronto’s Policy on Auditing of Courses, please visit Policy of Auditing of Courses.

For more information or to request auditing of courses, contact