JHI Faculty Research Fellows in 2021-2022

November 27, 2020 by Our Department News
Two NMC Faculty members, Professor Walid Saleh and Professor Shafique Virani, were awarded Faculty Research Fellows for the 2021-2022 academic year at the Jackman Humanities Institute.
Professor Walid Saleh was awarded a Six-Month Fellowship for his project 'A History of the Qur’an Commentary Tradition (Tafsir)’ and Professor Shafique Virani was awarded a Twelve-Month Fellowship for his project 'Sensual and Spiritual: Pleasure in the Thought of Nasir-I Khusraw'.
The details about the projects can be found on the 12-Month Faculty Research Fellows and 6-Month Faculty Research Fellows pages of the JHI website.
Congratulations to Professors Saleh and Virani on their accomplishments!