NMC Welcomes New NMC Member

November 30, 2021 by Our Department News

NMC welcomes Habtamu Taddesse, Postdoctoral Fellow in Ethiopian Studies. Habtamu completed his PhD in the Archaeology of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa at Simon Fraser University in 2019. Since 2008, he has worked with multiple organizations from government to academia and heritage management. He has been responsible primarily for the monitoring of large-scale archaeological excavations and surveys representing the Regional State of Tigray, Ethiopia.

He has also been a lecturer since 2010 at Aksum University (Tigray, northern Ethiopia), teaching courses on archaeology and heritage management. Habtamu’s PhD dissertation research involved the study of ceramics excavated from the archaeological site of Ona Adi, Tigray, currently under investigation by the Eastern Tigray Archaeological Project (ETAP). His thesis provided the first regional ceramic typology for the Aksumite period in Eastern Tigray, and investigated the Pre-Aksumite to Aksumite transition in the region, while examining the role of Ona Adi in regional trade/exchange relationships.