The King is Dead, Long Live the King—the Last Days of the Shusin Cult at Eshnunna and its Aftermath

Oriental Institute, Oriental Institute Seminars 4, Chicago

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Numerous studies have been devoted to the origin, ideological basis, and legitimization of divine kingship and its cultic manifestations on the world of the ancient Near East. By comparison, little attention has been paid to the decline or termination of such cults following political crises and collapses. This is unfortunate since numerous examples in both ancient and modern times have shown that it is the demise of a political system that forces its key protagonists to unmask and show their real face and motivations hidden behind their institutional roles. For a volume dedicated to the ideology and empirical manifestations of divine kingship it seems appropriate, therefore, to address this topic with a case study. 




  • N. Brisch

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Religion and Power: Divine Kingship in the Ancient World and Beyond