New People in NMC

September 10, 2020 by Our Department News
This fall our NMC community welcomes three new faculty members and a new postdoctoral fellow. 
Dr. Adam Ali is an Assistant Professor (Teaching Stream) of Arabic Language. Professor Ali completed his PhD at the U of T (in NMC), combining Arabic Language and Literature with Medieval Islamic History and Historiography, with a special focus on the different forms of slavery practiced in Islamic history.  
Dr. Gözde Mercan is an Assistant Professor (Teaching Stream) of Turkish Language. Professor Mercan completed her PhD at Middle East Technical University in Cognitive Sciences and Linguistics, with a PhD dissertation on the comprehension and production of the genitive-possessive structures in Turkish. 
Dr. Arafat Razzaque is an Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies. Professor Razzaque completed his doctoral studies at Harvard University in History and Middle Eastern Studies, with a special focus on Classical Islamic Thought and the Cultural History of the Late Antique and Medieval Near East.  
Dr. Kathryn Kelley is a SSHRC Postdoctoral fellow. Dr. Kelley completed her doctoral studies at Oxford University in 2018 with a doctoral dissertation entitled "Gender, Age, and Labour Organization in the Earliest Texts from Mesopotamia and Iran (c. 3300–2900 BC)". Now she is working on her postdoctoral research project “‘They shall cast her into the water’: Women in the beer industries of early Mesopotamia (3200–1600 BC)”. This project focuses on the economic realities and cultural representations of women in early Mesopotamian economies, tracing the sector of brewing and the redistribution, sale, and consumption of beer from the earliest records until the end of the Old Babylonian period.